Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly Goals 02/20/12

It's that time again! Here's how I did on my goals for last week (better than I expected!).
  1. Drink 3 bottles of water daily--Not quite. I made it 5 days out of 7 (again). Adjusting my goal down a bit for this week. :)
  2. Lose 1 lb.--DONE! Yay! I'm back to my weight from 2 weeks ago.
  3. Read 6 chapters of Made to Crave--DONE! Just barely squeaked in under the wire with this last night. :)
  4. Clean the shower--Nope, maybe this week.
  5. Catch up on laundry--Again, nope! Off to a good start today, though.
  6. Finish Fruit of the Spirit Bible study--DONE!
  7. Write Promise Me This book review--DONE!
  8. Blog 3 times--Nope, only blogged twice. Off to a better start this week!
  9. Make computer schedule--DONE! Now, to implement it. The tricky part!
  10. Make scarves for the boys--OK, technically I didn't get this done. No scarves have been made. However, I'm going to call it DONE, because I did a different sewing project for my mom instead. :) And the boys probably aren't going to need scarves till next winter anyway, since it seems like spring is determined to come early . . .
  11. Update budget online--DONE!
  12. Make special Valentine's Day dinner--DONE!
So there you have it. I don't think 8 out of 12 is too bad! :)

And here are my new goals for this week:
  1. Lose 1 lb.
  2. Drink 3 bottles of water 5-6 days this week (I wanted to "shrink" this goal a bit, since I find that Sundays and errand days are hard for me to drink the full amount of water).
  3. Exercise 3-5 times
  4. Blog 3 times
  5. Catch up on laundry
  6. Clean shower
  7. Get together with friends (this hinges on if my kids are over their colds or not)
  8. Catch up on dishes
  9. Have a date with my sweetie
  10. Wash & repair kitchen rug, or possibly work on a different sewing project
  11. Finish reading Made to Crave and Blue Moon Promise


1HappyWife said...

Hope all your kiddos are feeling better soon. I am enjoying reading your goals each week.

S said...

I always thought it would be easy to lose 1 pound in a week. Then I tried it. Hmmm. It wasn't as easy as I thought.

Last year I lost 8 pound, though not in the best of ways. So, having lost weight and being able to fit into "those jeans" again, I figured it would be okay to have a dessert (or two) every day. Suprise suprise I gained back the 8 pounds. =) Now I'm going to try again, but on purpose this time.

Good luck on your goals. Hope everyone continues to feel well enough for you to get them done.