Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekly Goals 02/13/12

Here's how I did last week (not as good as I hoped, but I know goals are all about *trying,* and if I don't always meet all of those goals, it is OK!)
  1. Drink 3 bottles of water daily--Did pretty well on this one, getting all 3 bottles done on Tues. through Sat. I figured out this equals about 75 oz. per day!
  2. Finish Fruit of the Spirit Bible study--Nope, I totally dropped the ball on this one, but I should be able to finish it up this week.
  3. Finish scarf for me--DONE! Only the scarf turned out a lot shorter than I expected, so it has become Julia's scarf instead of mine. Oh well.
  4. Lose 1 lb.--Oh dear, I actually gained a pound this week instead of losing! After thinking I was doing so great, too!! :( Bummer! I guess that 3 lb. loss was a fluke. Here's hoping this week is better!
  5. Blog 3 times--Nope, I only blogged twice.
  6. Update our budget online--Major fail, again. Must get this one done THIS week!
  7. Write book review for Promise Me This--Nope, still haven't finished this--good thing the review doesn't have to be posted till the 20th!
  8. Exercise 3-5 times--DONE! I only got in 3 exercise sessions, but hopefully will do a little better this week.
  9. Read 4 chapters of Made to Crave--DONE!
  10. Make a computer schedule--Nope, still haven't done this.
So, I only fully finished three of my goals. Oops! I guess this gives me a good idea of things I need to work on!!! :)

And here are this week's goals, with a few carry-overs from last week. :)
  1. Drink 3 bottles of water daily
  2. Lose 1 lb.
  3. Read 6 chapters of Made to Crave
  4. Clean the shower
  5. Catch up on laundry
  6. Finish Fruit of the Spirit Bible study
  7. Write Promise Me This book review
  8. Blog 3 times
  9. Make computer schedule
  10. Make scarves for the boys
  11. Update budget online
  12. Make special Valentine's Day dinner
I'm aiming to finish a higher percentage of my goals this week!


Mary Ann said...

Thank you for posting this. I think you got a lot done & I am thinking you are makeing great progress, but I have to admit that it's an encouragement to me that you aren't getting all of it done. Is that bad? :-) My life has spiraled a bit out of control this past week & I'm feeling a bit of pressure...
Anyway, I was thinking maybe your one pound the wrong way could be attributed to your exercise sessions building up a bit of muscle. Sounds reasonable to me!

Mrs. Smith said...

Hello dear friend! I hope that you had a happy Valentine's Day! I am with Mary Ann; sounds like muscle to me! I wish I had been as diligent as you to exercise! I keep meaning to... :)