Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Goals 01/30/12

I'm going to try to start something new on the blog, where I list some goals each week and record my progress. (I'll also still be listing my monthly goals, but I'm hoping this will help keep me more on track week by week.) A few of my friends do this and I think it is a great way to help with motivation and accountability! So here goes: 10 Goals for this week!

  1. Finish reading Reshaping It All
  2. Write review for Promise Me This
  3. Make scarves for Sam and Josiah
  4. Finish scarf for myself
  5. Exercise 5 times
  6. Drink 3 bottles of water daily
  7. Lose 1 lb.
  8. Complete 4 FULL days of school (this has been a struggle lately, so I'm determined to work on it so we can finish the year on time!)
  9. Blog at least 3 times
  10. Make a daily computer schedule to help me use my time more wisely
I'll be back later today or tomorrow with an update on my January goals, and new goals for February.


1HappyWife said...

Hi Carrie!
I look forward to these posts... for some reason reading others goals always inspire me :).

Mrs.T said...

Great goals, Carrie! I finally got around to making a list of goals for 2012 and posted that. I am also going to follow your example (and Elisha's!) by setting weekly goals, so I included them in that post. We'll see how well I do, but it has to be helpful.