Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Jojo!!

Today is my little sister's birthday. :) We are actually only 20 months apart and so we are practically the same age, but I still get to call her my little sister. I even got to talk to her for a few minutes tonight, and sang Happy Birthday over the phone--it's been many years since we've been able to be together on either of our birthdays, but thank goodness for telephones and computers which help us stay connected. :)

Joanna (aka "Jojo") is a very special blessing in my life, even though we live thousands of miles apart now. She is a Godly woman, a super mommy to her four little ones, and an encourager to me in so many ways. It is neat how God has guided each of us in our lives, and neat to see how much alike we still are, too . . . we are still interested in many of the same things, read the same books, like the same songs . . . Hopefully it won't be too many more months before we can be together for a visit. It's been nearly 2 years since we have seen Jo and her family, and we miss them! We still hope and pray we can go visit them our West before too long, as well.

So . . . to my dear little sis . . . Happy Birthday to you!! May you be richly blessed this year. :)


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!!!Yesterday was one of my sisters birthdays too.

Mrs.T said...

I echo that ... Happy Birthday, dearest Jojo! Hope it was a special day for you!