Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October roses

My roses decided to surprise me with some late blooming again this year, although I think this is later than ever before--last year's latest blooms were in late September/early October, if I remember right.
I'll have to cut them all down tomorrow since we are due for some very cold temps (20s!) tomorrow night, and possible snow, so we'll see if they can continue to give us a little beauty inside the house for a few more days.
And hopefully these beauties will winter well and give us some more loveliness next spring. :)


Mrs.T said...

How beautiful!!! What a special blessing to have them blooming so late in October. I'm glad you got pictures!

Mary Ann said...

So very pretty! There's nothing like a rose; I wish I could smell them :-)

1HappyWife said...

They are sooo beautiful!
Glad your back :) I'll come back later to read your posts as I just stopped in for a quick minute.

Nikki said...

They are so pretty Carrie.:)I wouldn't mind mine blooming but I do not think mine have ever bloomed so late.That must have been a neat suprise!!!

Mrs. Smith said...

The roses are so delicate and pretty! I love your pictures of them! Pink roses are my favorite!