Saturday, October 29, 2011

Now THESE deals make me happy :)

I just love our local children's consignment store. Every now and then I take in a bag of clothes and in exchange I earn 50% store credit for the clothes they accept. Then when the kids need something specific, I go in and look around, and usually I find something! Once in a while I run out of store credit and have to spend some money out of pocket, but either way, this is a great example of God's provision of an inexpensive way to clothe our kids.

Yesterday I went in there with the purpose of looking for some winter boots for Sam. At first I didn't see anything that looked like the right size, so I went looking through the clothes because he needed a white shirt for Patch Club. I was so excited to find a nice long sleeved button up shirt in his size, even Lands End brand! :) Then I looked at the clothes in Josiah's size, hoping to find him some new jammies. I was tickled to find a cute pair with monkeys on them--perfect because he is always saying, "I'm a monkey!"
I went to pay for the things and mentioned to the lady that I was looking for winter boots for Sam. She pointed out a pair of Bogs insulated mud boots that were just a size or two bigger than what he wears. They are expensive boots (around $60 on Amazon), rated to -30 degrees, and she had them priced at $20.25. Yes, that still sounds expensive for boots, but I had looked around at Walmart and Marshalls, and other stores, and the cheapest boots I found were $17, and after my store credit was applied to everything, all I ended up spending for these was $17.19. Yay! They are high quality boots and should hopefully last through all three kids, unlike cheapie boots. I felt like God put them there just for me.

So it was a happy thrift shopping day. :)


Mrs.T said...

Hurray! Gotta love those kids' consignment shops. What great boots! As you said, they should last through all 3 kids!

1HappyWife said...

Congratulations on your good deals :)!! We went thrift store shopping too on Saturday :)
Did you get snow? We only got a little bit. Thankfully,as I still have to go through our winter stuff.

Nikki said...

Wow!!!You found great deals.I love thrift stores.:)I love to see other peoples good deals too so thanks for sharing.:)