Friday, September 16, 2011

Retreat time!!!

Later today I am heading off for a ladies' retreat at the Wilds of New England. I went last year and had a wonderful time, so I'm really looking forward to this year!! And I'm praying that all the kids manage to avoid catastrophe and trips to the ER . . . :)

Also, I wanted to let you all know that a couple of my good friends have just started blogging!
  • Mrs. Smith and I have been "email friends" for more than 10 years now, although we have never met in person. We met "by chance" (but I know it was actually not by chance, but orchestrated by God!) in an Anne of Green Gables forum, and found we had a lot in common. It has been so neat to stay in touch over the years, and I'm thrilled that she is now blogging at Sweet Tea and Simplicity!!!
  • 1HappyWife is a sweet friend from even further back--we went to high school together! We got back in touch when my mom saw her at a church event and told her about my blog. She and her family even got to visit us a couple summers ago, which was really cool! I was very excited when I found out she had started her own blog too--you can check it out at Our Little Corner.
I hope some of you will get a chance to visit both of these ladies over at their blogs and say hi!

And now . . . back to packing and getting things in order for Jim to be able to take over for the weekend! :)


Mrs. Smith said...

Thank you, dear friend! I am honored! I pray that you have a wonderful time at the retreat!

1HappyWife said...

Thanks for your sweet comments!
Looking forward to hearing all about the retreat. Assuming all went well on the home front :)
I printed off the Fruit of the Spirit art work, I have a flannel set that I hope to do with the little ones sometime. Too many ideas not enough time :)