Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Let's make a story!"

I love to hear my kids playing together. It reminds me so much of my own childhood, when my sister and I would say "Let's make pretend!" And off we would go, making up a story with our toys or dolls. My kids "make a story" instead of "making pretend," but it's the same thing. :) Sometimes it cracks me up to listen to them. Like today, Sam was "being Michael" (one of the Little People). Michael (aka Sam) announced, "I'm not ONLY a magician, I'm a POLICEMAN and the PASTOR of our CHURCH!" (words capitalized to show emphasis ;)) Apparently this Michael wears a lot of hats! He also drives a piano car, so I assume he is a musician. Quite the talented fellow!


Mrs.T said...

Too much fun!

I too have always loved to hear children "making pretend" or "making believe". "Making a story" is a good way to put it, too. What wonderfully imaginative play!

Love your new header, too. It is great!

Mary Ann said...

I love it when kids play out loud like that together because it gives us a glimpse into what they are thinking and how they have understood the things around them. So fun!