Thursday, October 07, 2010

Super Simple Supper

I love to cook, but sometimes (actually a lot of times) I just need a meal that's super quick and easy to get on the table. In the summer, that would probably be hamburgers or a simple salad or sandwiches. In the fall and winter, I turn to soups or one-pot dishes. This is one of my favorite simple suppers, and it's a favorite with my family, too (well, everyone except Julia--we're working on her :)). Sam especially loves this, and tonight he had 2 bowls full!

Alphabet Vegetable Soup (recipe from my mom--2nd recipe down in the post)

and this focaccia bread (from Taste of Home) makes a great accompaniment (yum, yum!) to this meal, and pretty much any meal, for that matter! You've gotta try this, it is SO good.
(Sorry for the photo quality--I'm a terrible food photographer, and I was in a hurry, which didn't help!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe - I think we will try it soon. We eat lots of soup this time of year too. Anything that can simmer on the stove or be thrown in the crock pot sounds good :) How is school going? How is Julia doing? -Joey

Mrs.T said...

Looks delicious! That focaccia bread is sooooooo good. Versatile too; goes well with soup, salad, pasta dishes.... I love that recipe!

We have been in a soup mode here this week, too. Wednesday night we had taco soup and Sarah ate 3 bowls full!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
Thanks for sharing the recipes.:)They sound good.We love soup and bread in the fall.:)Unfortunately I just started watching my carbs....I crave bread.~Nikki