Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random pictures from Ohio

I just wanted to share a smattering of random pictures from our trip. These aren't in any particular order, but I didn't feel like messing around with them (takes forever to sort out the right order with the way Blogger mixes them up . . .). So, here are some of the things we did in Ohio!

Visited Great-Grandma at her apartment (she lives in an assisted living home)--the kids made themselves at home on her bed and watched Isaac play games on the iPad. :)
Special Great-Grandma hugs for Josiah and Julia!
Levi (the bug boy!) showing Sam and Julia his bug jar
Ruth (isn't she so adorable?!)
Fishing in the pond at dusk
Julia swinging (these got a LOT of use during the week!)
Julia again
Isaac and Sam running down toward the pond
We visited Amish country twice--once for a ladies' day out and the second time the guys and kids came too. Lehman's was a fun stop, as always.
Amish buggy
On the way home from Ohio, we stopped in PA for a little bit to visit with my friend Lori! It was so fun to see her and catch up on each other's lives. I look a little travel-worn already in this picture, which is sad since we were only about 6 hours into the trip . . . :)
The kids had a Wendy's tailgate picnic while Lori and I visited. It was a welcome break partway through our journey!
And that's all the pictures for now . . . my next posts will likely be a lot less picture-heavy and more wordy. :) Thanks for putting up with my ramblings!


Mary Ann said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Your kids are blessed to have cousins to play with. And how fun to catch up with Lori! I remember her...

Elisha said...

Looks like a wonderful trip with many great memories made. I can't believe how grown up Julia is looking. Time goes by so fast.