Thursday, June 17, 2010

Help! What's wrong with my rose?

OK all you green thumb ladies out there . . . look at my poor, sad rose! Does anyone know what's wrong with it? I don't know if it has some kind of disease or if something is eating it. It just opened today. The only other rose (on a different plant) that has bloomed so far this year had the same problem.
It's such a bummer because I love these roses and look forward to them every year! The white one did eventually open and looked fairly normal once it had opened all the way, but it's just sad to see them looking like this when I was expecting to see beautiful buds.

If anyone has any tips or ideas of things I could do to help fix the problem, please let me know!!


tammy l said...

Here you go! :) Thanks for playing! :)

1. I see you link to NGJ on your sidebar; tell me a few of the things you've learned from them that have helped you the most!

2. How old are your children? When you take walks with them, do they all walk, or does someone ride in a stroller? :)

3. What is your favorite thing to sew?

4. How do you usually wear your hair? (It looks so CUTE in the pictures you've shared on your blog!)

5. What are your favorite and least favorite things about your house? (Did you guys build it yourselves??) :)

Arlene @At Home with the Grimms said...

Carrie, I raised roses for several yrs and had no problems with them. I had heard stories of how hard they are to grow so I was pleasantly surprised. About this time of year I always sprayed them to prevent them from being eaten by Japanese beetles. Not sure if you have them up that way but they will eat roses right up.

Mrs. Doug said...

I am by no means and expert and am learning all the time about the different insects and diseases that are in this area as opposed to other areas we have lived. I would check all around your plants leaves, buds, in the soil around the base of the plant for any indication of insect or slug.

This looks like insect or slug damage. You can sprinkle some diatomaceous earth... available at Agway (all organic from diatoms but there are some warnings about breathing it in)... and sprinkle some of that around your roses. This will discourage the slugs. I have heard you can spray with a little (1T/1 qt H2O) dish soap dilution around and on the leaves and stems and that will discourage other insects. The soap dissolves their "shell". If it is worms you could probably pick them off by hand. Look for "rolled" leaves... a definate indication of worms. Once you get the pests under control, the roses will probably be fine and may send out more buds. I'd snip off the severely damaged ones. This prevents the plant from trying to mend itself and puts more energy into growing (what I've heard).

All of this is just stuff I've heard from others and have not tried all except the soap and diatomaceaous earth. Also crushed egg shells are great to put around your plants to discourage slugs. We've had lots of slugs this year because of the cool damp weather. They almost cleaned out my lilies I planted last year. I saw the other day though that the lilies are going to make it and are loaded with buds. Yea!

Hope this helps ya.

Mrs. D