Monday, April 05, 2010

A Crocs question

Question and answer time! :) OK, I have never gotten into the whole "Crocs" phenomenon. I think they are pretty doggone ugly, as a matter of fact! However, I have heard raves about how comfy they are, and have been thinking about possibly getting some, sometime. Especially because I found the Mary Jane style, and I actually think they are quite cute! The bad part is, they seem to be possibly discontinuing that style (just a guess), because they are all clearanced on the Crocs website, and they don't have any left in my size (boohoo!). Anyway. My question is, for those of you Crocs wearers . . . are they *really* that comfy? Do you totally love yours? How does the sizing compare to regular shoe sizing (as in, do they run big? small?). Here's the deal--I normally take a ladies' size 7 shoe. I have been known to fit into some girls' size 4s that are on the bigger side, though. I am wondering if I could get by with smaller Crocs because of this. It would be super cool if I could buy a girls' size and save $5. :)

Also, has anyone tried knock-off brands (such as generic Crocs from Walmart)? Do you think they're really all that different? Please share your thoughts when you have a minute! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I agree with you on the Crocs not being so pretty BUT the Maryjane style are so cute.:)Anyway....I am not a big one for flip flops so we wear the crocs.Most of ours have been Rics(from Agway)as my husband works there sometimes and gets a discount.I had a pair of Crocs given to me that were a 5 and I normally wear a 7.They fit but were not as comfy as a 6 would have been.:)As for the Walmart kind my 12 year old had a pair and she did not like them as well.My little girls only wear the cheap ones.:)All the ones I have tried are SO comfy and I loved being able to just slip them on and go.Especially during mud season which seems to last FOREVER sometimes.:)Anyway...I have rambled enough but if you do find a pair that fits I think you would like the comfy factor.Nikki

Mary Ann said...

I've personally never tried crocs. I have *ahem* big feet & they just don't look very cute on me. The traditional style just looks sloppy to me. I do like the mary janes & some others though. And everyone I know who wears them raves about their comfort. Let us know what you decide!

Mindee said...

My kids have the ones from Target and from The Shoe Dept and they say they are pretty comfortable. I have some Sketchers brand ones that are cute (they are not Mary Janes, but are a different style from normal Crocs, but they are not as soft as Crocs. The Airwalk brand ones from Payless are very comfy and soft.

As for size, I have never had actual Croc brand shoes, but all the others I've mentioned have been true to size.

Mrs.T said...

I have only tried the generic ones from Avon. I like the slip-on-and-go factor (as Nikki mentioned) especially for mud season and gardening. However, and this may be just because mine are generic, but I don't find them all that comfortable for walking. They're fine around the house, but out on the road or in a store I just don't feel that I move as quickly as I do in regular shoes or sneakers.

I can't really address the sizing; I think the Avon ones are S-M-L, possibly. I think they do run a bit big.

Those Mary Janes sure are cute, though!

The Former PK said...


I am a big fan of Crocs, as ugly as they are. I have had the same pair for the past 6 years. I think that may be where the "name brand" becomes important. They last forever. I wear them most of the summer, as I'm not a big fan of flip flops. The crocs are my most comfortable shoe. They are especially great when I go camping or fly somewhere because they are easy on and off. Also, they are so easy to clean.

They do run big, so you might be able to wear the smaller size comfortably. I don't know much about the maryjane style, they may have to fit more accurately. But the regular ones have no shape, so even if you get your size, they don't ever fit perfectly.

Hope that helps!