Saturday, February 20, 2010


{littlest guy fast asleep in his bed last Sunday morning)

It's been another interesting week. Things started off pretty normal, but on Tuesday night, Josiah woke up with a fever sometime in the middle of the night. Every day since then he's been really fussy, slightly feverish again at night, and is just finally starting to seem more like his normal self, today. He never had any other symptoms, so I'm not sure what was going on . . . maybe teething? I'm going to keep him home from church tomorrow, at any rate . . . just in case he has some kind of bug. I'm sure hoping next week will be a "normal" week! I'm so ready to get back to some kind of routine around here.

Tonight, I'm unwinding and staying up a little late in a nice, quiet, cozy house. Ahhhhh. I wanted to share some links, since I'm always coming across neat stuff that I enjoy passing on to you guys.
  • Last Sunday, our pastor preached an excellent message on I Cor. 13--I believe it was the best one I've ever heard on that chapter!--and I wanted to pass on the link to the download. Even with dial-up, it doesn't take too long to download (only about 10 minutes for me--obviously it might be different for others. :)) I'd highly recommend it if you are able to download it, though! Here's the link (it's the sermon from Feb. 14--a.m.)
  • If you enjoy birth stories, you should head over to Tammy's Recipes and read about her most recent homebirth (and there are some beautiful pictures of her new baby boy, too!).
  • This felt activity book might just be one of the cutest crafts I've ever seen . . .and now I'm totally itching to make one (if only I didn't have SO many other projects on my to-do list!!).
  • I have a little boy whose 6th birthday is rapidly approaching. In thinking about party/cake ideas, I've been browsing the internet, even though I *think* I already have a plan for a theme. Anyway, I came across this absolutely incredible Madeline party along the way, and I've decided that party planning might be a really fun job to get into when the kids are grown up (not that I'm trying to hasten that day!!!). I'm pretty sure I know one little girl who would think a Madeline themed party was very cool!
Hmmm, what else? I will probably think of more things I should have linked to after I click the "publish post" button. :) But right now I feel that tell-tale heaviness creeping into my eyelids, meaning I should probably just stop right now and hit the hay. Hope you're all having a super weekend!!

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Mrs.T said...

That activity book is so cute! I made one of those (not as cute) as a gift for someone many years ago. They are a LOT of work.

I did download Pastor Fuller's message too. Excellent! I wonder if God is trying to tell me something... I have been memorizing 1 Cor. 13:4-7 as part of an online Scripture memory course, and had those same verses in my Sunday School lesson for this week!

Thanks for sharing these links!