Monday, February 01, 2010


In the midst of our busyness the past few weeks, I've still made time to keep up with some of my favorite blogs. Here are some posts that I've really enjoyed . . . and thought you might, also. :)

Passionate Homemaking is a blog that challenges me and encourages me as a wife and mom. Lindsay had three excellent posts recently that I will probably be going back and re-reading again and again. Establishing a Morning Routine-Maximize Your Mornings really struck a chord with me. This is something I'm constantly striving towards, but sometimes it feels like my progress is extremely slow! I appreciated the encouragement in this post so much.
Can Natural Living Become an Idol? was a fantastic post also. I am nowhere near close to living as naturally as many people, but it's something I'm interested in . . . yet I definitely don't want it to ever become all-consuming in my life.
And my favorite recent post of all: Letting Go of Unrealistic Expectations. An excellent lesson for us married ladies to apply to our lives!!

I also was really blessed by Shyla's post on living life deliberately. It went right along with Lindsay's post about maximizing mornings. I'm sorry to say that in spite of my great new year's goals, I still haven't been doing too well living a deliberate life. Time to map out a plan and stick to it!!

And I know that many of you already read Money Saving Mom, but I've been incredibly challenged and encouraged by her family's success in reaching their goal of saving up 100% cash for a home. WOW, what an accomplishment!! She has started posting a series about how they did this--you can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. She also has an excellent post here about financial goal-setting. Reading about their journey has inspired me to set down some financial goals on paper, and then hopefully work hard to achieve them this year!

I hope these links may be a blessing to some of you, as they've been to me. And please share any of your own favorite links in the comments!!


Kathleen said...

Carrie ~ The links about home management/getting up setting a schedule, was a huge encouragement to me. I have been struggling in that are lately, and have been feeling quite lousy because of it. I am up at 4:30am this morning. Sometimes I don't know why I struggle, I feel so much better when I get up!!! :) It came just when I needed it, I was feeling quite low yesterday and then read some of these links which helped me to realize...hey I'm not alone in this! :) So...thanks for sharing!

Mrs.T said...

Even though I am a grammy and not a young mom, I can clearly remember what it was like and how much I struggled until I got a few priorities sorted out. I was encouraged to read these posts, especially Shyla's post on living life deliberately. There's an old saying : "Life is what happens while you're making other plans" and it is so true. We are not guaranteed a certain number of days, so we need to live each one deliberately to the glory of God.

Thanks for sharing these!

Carrie said...

Kathleen--wow, 4:30!! Great job!! :) Early for me is somewhere between 5:30-6ish! :) I'm so glad the links were encouraging to you. I think that the whole early rising and using time wisely thing is something that most of us struggle with, and it's always nice to discover that others are working on the same thing!

Thanks for the comment! :)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the resources, Carrie. I hope to check them out!