Saturday, January 02, 2010

A fresh new year

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Happy 2010!! It feels weird to even write that number. I think it'll take me a while to get used to it! Yesterday was busy, but this morning I finally had a chance to sit down and write out my goals for this year. I love the feeling of a fresh start every year . . . just like the beautiful snowy landscape outside my window looks so fresh and clean, so a new year also feels like a good time to set new goals and hopefully actually attain some of them. :)

So, without further ado, here is my list of goals for 2010:

1. To spend time daily in God's Word and prayer. Specifically, to rise early to do so (because if I don't do it early, it usually doesn't happen).

2. To read at least 12 books this year as part of my Bible study/spiritual growth. I have a ton of great books that I either need to read for the first time, re-read, or finish. I've made a list of 12 (so far) and may add more if it seems like I'm able to get through more than one per month.

3. To lose 10-15 more pounds and eat more healthily, as well as exercise. I've kind of fallen off the bandwagon over the past few months . . . time to get back on (after the Christmas goodies are gone, of course! ;)).

4. To become much more disciplined in homekeeping skills . . . to make our home a haven for my family.

5. To discipline myself in time management. Specifically: much less computer time, much more time spent on my home and family.

6. To come up with a way (or ways) to contribute to our family income. Possibly open an Etsy shop, or try my hand at writing a children's book . . . any other ideas for me? :)

7. To carefully budget our finances, and look for more ways to save money, specifically on groceries.

8. To smile more, serve more, love more, laugh more. To treasure the moments and the memories we make each day.

So that's my list! How about you? Do you like to set New Year's goals? I'd love to hear if you'd care to share in the comments. Also, Simple Mom has a great free download worksheet for in-depth goal setting. I'm hoping to fill that out too, in the next week. It's a good tool for breaking down the goals into practical ways to achieve them.


Mrs.T said...

You've set some very worthy goals and I will be praying for you as you work toward them this year.

I've set some goals and posted them on my regular blog, Across My Kitchen Table. Some of them are a lot like yours. I did download that worksheet you linked to, as well. It looks quite helpful; thanks for sharing it!

Mary Ann said...

Great goals, Carrie! I haven't thought mine through completely yet. Might check out that worksheet you recommended. I do have one specific goal in mind that I've started on already. I'm going to keep a birthday/anniversary calendar this year so that I don't let special days for my loved ones pass by. I've been guilty of that in the past & it's time to get it under control!
Here we go - a fresh new year! I'm so glad we have the Lord's help with all of our self-improvement!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! Mary Ann, I'm terrible about missing family birthdays/anniversaries . . . even when it's on the calendar!! I think my brain just goes on vacation sometimes. :)