Monday, May 28, 2007

Our busy weekend

Well, it has been quite a full weekend for us . . . full, but fun. :) We got to do a lot of things together as a family, which was really nice. I'll try to do a quick recap for you.

On Friday, I had a group of other ladies and kids over for lunch, and we all had a nice visit. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures! But it was a nice time of fellowship. The "theme" for our lunch was picnic foods, and everyone had fun being creative with that. We even got to enjoy peanut butter/chocolate "bumble bees." :)

On Saturday, I headed over to my friend Mrs. N's house, to dig up some flowers that she was giving me. She had a lot of johnny-jump-ups which had seeded themselves in the space where they were going to be putting in a vegetable garden. So I was able to help myself to a few plants before the garden got tilled! Yay! I also came home with a narcissus plant--not sure if I will be able to keep that one alive, but I will try. I also planted a small hydrangea plant that my mom gave me . . . not sure if that one is going to make it, either, but we will see.

After we got all the planting done, we loaded up the kids in the truck and took off for a little shopping trip to Kohls and Lowes. I really wanted some new sleeveless shirts for summer, and Kohls was having some good weekend sales. I found 2 sleeveless polos and I love them! So comfy and cool. And only $8 apiece! I also got Julia another sleeveless onesie and some shorts. And Jim found some stuff at Lowes, of course. :) We grabbed a cheap lunch at McDonald's and made a quick stop at Eddie Bauer to check for jeans, but I didn't end up getting any. Then we headed home.

Our next job of the day was to finish tilling and planting the vegetable garden. Jim had done a lot of tilling earlier in the week, but there was still a bit more to do.

Every time he went through with the tiller, it turned up more and more rocks. One thing's for sure: our soil is great at growing rocks. :) If you could see our yard, you would know what I mean. From huge boulders to little stones, we basically live on a rock pile. Looking around our yard, you can see why NH is called the Granite State. :) Anyway . . . we were able to get most of the biggest rocks out of the garden, and planted the seeds. Now it will be interesting to see what comes up and how well it grows. It is a total experiment for us; we didn't do anything to the soil to improve it, but hopefully we will end up with a few veggies for our work, and maybe next year we can do more to the soil. We planted corn, summer squash, zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and sugar snap peas. Sam was very excited to help plant the seeds, and Julia was conked out in the Ergo. Thankfully the breeze kept away the bugs for the most part, until right about the time we were finishing up. An unexpected blessing was finding a few little bunches of lady's slippers (one of my favorite wildflowers) right near our garden. Aren't they pretty?

Sunday was church, a relaxing afternoon, and then church again. Then today, we took it easy and enjoyed the holiday. We hung around home most of the day, and Jim helped me make two strawberry-rhubarb pies. I brought half of one to my grandparents, and another one to my parents' house for a suppertime cookout. We had a nice time with them, and the kids got totally worn out from all the running around with Grampa and Daddy. :) Here you can see what had happened in the 10 minutes it takes to get from my parents' house to our house:

Now we have just two more days before leaving for our trip to PA! We will be leaving Thursday morning and hopefully arriving at the B&B early that evening. Then we will spend Friday sightseeing, Saturday at our friends' wedding, Sunday sightseeing again, and traveling home on Monday. Phew!! Even though it's a busy time, I am very much looking forward to our little vacation. I won't be able to blog until we get back (this is one of the times I'd really like a laptop!), but we will definitely be taking lots of pictures and I'll blog about everything when we get back home. :)


Tracy said...

Your trip to PA is it just you and Jim or are you taking the kids? Either way, have a great time. This is my first time ever having a garden, so I'm also excited to see what will grow and how much we'll be able to reap the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Those sleeping pictures look familiar. We went up to my parent's camp over the weekend and the kids played VERY hard. lol.

We got our garden tilled yesterday (Nathan did it by hand because it is so small and we don't have a tiller.) I want a very small garden, so I can be sure I can keep up with it. As the kids get older, it will get bigger. I think I'm only going to do green beans and tomatoes...maybe a pumpkin because they are fun for the kids. I'm not sure. I have been going crazy in my flower garden.

Your pictures are so cute. Have a great trip. My husband and I really need to take a family vacation. We never have!!


Carrie said...

Tracy--all of us went! We had so much fun and I'm posting all about it over the next few days.

Zan--I love seeing them conk out when they've played hard like that. :) It's so cute! Good luck with your garden--I hope we will be able to keep up with ours, too. It's an experiment, for sure! :)

This was our first time to take a family vacation (other than to Ohio to visit family) since we've had kids. It was so much fun!