Monday, April 23, 2007

Cleaning Challenge--Bedrooms--Day 1

I must confess that I slacked off on the bathroom challenge last week . . . Saturday was just SO beautiful here, that I ended up taking Julia out for a little shopping trip and then hanging out on the deck later in the afternoon. So, I will have to catch up with the last bathroom jobs later on.

This week's challenge is the Bedrooms! Today I have been busy with regular housework, laundry, etc. so I haven't really tackled any extra chores. But hopefully tomorrow I can make some good progress in either our or the kids' bedrooms. Anyone else, feel free to post how your spring cleaning is going!


Mrs.T said...

I got the sheets changed today -- a regular Monday occurrence, but I can count it, right? Maybe tomorrow I can get more projects done in the bedroom.

Today, I also scrubbed the tub/shower and washed the shower curtain and tub mat. Didn't get to it last week.

mindee said...

It's a busy week for us, so I haven't done anything toward the challenge yet. But provided that my parents may be visiting this weekend, and if so, they will sleep in our room, I need to at least spruce that up! Enjoy the sunshine! :)