Monday, April 16, 2007

Cleaning Challenge--Bathrooms--Day 1

I guess the challenge for this week should actually be called "bathroom and any-other-room-I-feel-like-cleaning," because today I was all over the place, working on this and that. :) Jim was home today, and he installed a closet in our bedroom (minus doors, as all my cupboards are, so far :)). I really like it, even though it takes up a bit of space. It's nice to have most of our hanging clothes in our room, instead of the back entry. Along with putting the closet in, we also rearranged some of the other things in our room to make better use of the space.

A few other things we did today:

*Moved 5 totes full of winter clothes/kids' clothes, etc. downstairs into storage
*Organized all the cleaners, soap, bath stuff, etc. under the master bath sink
*Moved our laundry sorter from the bedroom to the bathroom
*Did a little straightening in the other bathroom

Hoping to make more progress in both bathrooms tomorrow!

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Mrs.T said...

Well, I didn't accomplish anything in the bathrooms (other than the usual "swish & swipe") but I did get a bit done in the laundry area. Thoroughly dusted and then cleaned with pine-sol the tops of the washer and dryer. Being in the basement they get absolutely filthy. They sparkle now!