Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Sam!!!

Happy Birthday to our big little boy! Although we won't be having his actual birthday party for a few days yet, we had a little family celebration today. We gave him one of his presents from us (a toy pickup truck), and he opened his presents from his Papa and Grandma in Ohio. I also made some cupcakes, which we enjoyed with ice cream after supper. He is very excited about his birthday!

I still need to do a 10-month update for Julia, but I want to take time first to do a 3-year update for Sam. He is getting to be such a big boy in so many ways. He is actually not big in size--I think he's rather small for his age--but he seems big in other ways. His language skills are good, and he's finally figured out how to talk about himself ("I," "Me," etc.). He always used to talk about himself as "Sam" or "You." It got a little confusing when he would say "You want to do _______," when what he really meant was that HE wanted to do whatever it was. He's also getting more and more independent. He can help dress himself (probably could do it completely by himself if he really put his mind to it), feeds himself except when he gets lazy and "needs" help, and is finally getting serious about potty training. We're not there yet, but it's coming along. :) He is also getting to be a lot less whiney (thank you, Lord!) and a lot more polite (most of the time), although he still has his moments, that's for sure. He loves to help me cook, loves to spend time with Daddy, loves to play outside, loves to play with his trucks, tractors, trains . . . well, I guess he has a lot of things that he loves. :) He is at a really fun age and we enjoy him so much.

I know I could add much more to this post, and maybe I will tomorrow, but it's way too late right now and I need to get to bed. I've been up with a fussy, teething (we think) baby girl and I am pretty tired. Before I go, I also want to say a big Happy Birthday to our niece, Sarah--she is 6 years old today! It is so neat that she and Sam can both share their special day.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!


Joey said...

Gracie is sitting on my lap looking at the pictures of Sam & Julia, she was asking who they are and I told her Sam just turned three. So we thought we would say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!! Three is LOTS of fun!

zan said...

Oh, that was fun to read. He reminds me of George. I never realized how much fun it would be to have boys.

Carrie said...

Joey, thanks to you and Gracie for the birthday wishes. :) I too think that three is going to be fun! Two was a bit of a trying age in many respects, but we are seeing some rewards for our labors at this point. :)

Zan, your stories about George remind me of Sam, too. And yes, boys are fun! I wouldn't mind having more of them eventually . . . but more girls would be fine with me, too. :) One of the things I love about Sam, which I am trying to remember to enjoy for as long as possible, is the way he still loves to give me hugs and big smacking kisses. I know it will be all too soon that he will think he's too big for that kind of thing . . . so I want to cherish the moments right now!!