Friday, January 19, 2007

Things that make me smile :)

I have so many reasons to smile every day. Here are some things that made me smile this week.

Sam knocked over my stacking snowman boxes, and I asked him to stack them back up. This is how he did it:

I couldn't resist taking the picture; I thought it was pretty good that he got them to balance!

Something else that makes me smile is finding adorable clothes on sale. I bought these things for Julia, for next year or the year after (they're 2T, so I'm not sure exactly which winter they will fit her--maybe both!). I actually bought the jumper/shirt set a while back, at our local consignment store, for $5. It will make a great Christmas dress! I found the 2 sweaters on sale at Marshall's this week.

You can tell Julia is a typical girl; she just insisted on spending most of her Christmas money on clothes and shoes (I got her some new black church shoes at Walmart). :)

Don't you just love the hood on this sweater?

One night while I was getting Sam into his PJs after his bath, he was pointing out to me his heels, toes, ankles, etc., as he often does, and I was reminding him that God made every part of him. He thought for a moment, then commented, "God built Sam!" I thought that was so cute--you can tell he is a carpenter's son! :)

Yes, I truly have so many reasons to smile . . . these are just a few that I wanted to share. What made you smile this week?


Samara said...

That is too sweet! Sam is definitely the son of a carpenter :)

The little sweaters are adorable. Right up until the first baby shower I thought that baby clothes etc were nothing special, and then from the first pair of tiny socks I was like; "so teeny and precious!!!" Now I actually take care to make sure that he looks nice every day; the wee baby socks still get me everytime.

Alicia said...

Great little sweaters! Doesn't it feel grand to find good bargains?

Mrs.B said...

Love the baby clothes! And that is so cute the way Sam stacked those boxes.

Oh and I'd love to read about your favorite books and authors, I hope you choose to do this. (o:


zan said...

Sam's comment about God building him is so cute!

Oh, I love your woodstove. Congrats on it. We have a fire place with a woodstove in it. The wood stove is more effecient and warmer than an open fireplace.

Carrie said...

Samara--isn't it funny how having your own baby just makes you love all the little baby stuff that you really didn't care about before?! :)

Alicia--yes, it definitely feels grand!

Mrs. B--I just started the book feature! Hope you will enjoy it!

Zan--yep, that's why we don't have a fireplace--hubby likes everything to be efficient and I couldn't talk him into one when we built the house. :) I think they're so romantic, though. We may put one in eventually . . . in the addition we hope to someday build. We'll see!