Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge--Day 21

Hip hip, hooray!! Blogger beta has been giving me fits since Friday night, not letting me load pictures in Firefox (but I could, using Safari), and not letting me change fonts and colors in either browser. But here we are, back to normal again!! This calls for a celebration! :D

Well, today I was a lazy bum and didn't get much done for Christmas. I had to run some errands, and did buy one more Christmas gift, and also a stocking stuffer (Thomas bubble bath for Sam) so I guess that counts for something. :) I also got a few ingredients I needed to make another batch of Christmas cookies. So hopefully tomorrow will be a more profitable day! Less than 2 weeks till we leave for Ohio, so I need to really get a move on!!

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Mrs.T said...

Well, I didn't get much done today either -- just a little sewing and a little embroidery, plus several gifts I'd ordered arrived today. And, of course, I enjoyed listening to Christmas music!