Thursday, November 16, 2006

Little Miss Muffet . . . and other ramblings

I'm assuming you all are familiar with the old nursery rhyme about little Miss Muffet. Anyway, let's just say that I, like the little girl in the rhyme, am not a big fan of spiders. I'm not deathly afraid of them, but neither do I like having them anywhere in my house, or especially on my person!! Thankfully, we do not see them inside very often. Well, today I was hurriedly getting the kids and myself ready to head out the door for groceries and other errands. It's been a fairly warm (though rainy) week here, so I grabbed Jim's lightweight fleece vest to put on over my long sleeved shirt. I noticed something kind of soft and crumpled-looking fall off it into my hand; at first glance I thought it was a brown paper scrap or something. Then it fell off my hand and hit the floor, where it suddenly turned into a HUGE spider!!! ICK!!! I was thankful for quick reflexes and for the fact that I was wearing my hard-soled slippers--that ol' spider wasn't long for this world! BAM, gotcha! I was very proud of myself that I didn't let out a shriek and scare the kids! And I was VERY glad that it fell off the vest before I put it on, as I would have flipped out a lot more if I had looked down and seen it crawling on me, or worse, felt it on my hair or something.

We got a lot done today and yesterday, running errands in town. Yesterday I hit Rite-Aid (not many good deals this week, unfortunately), the bank, the health-food store, and the printers, where I ordered new business cards for Jim. Finally he will have some with our new address on them! :) Today we hit the grocery store, Walmart, and the library, where Sam had a fun time doing puzzles and playing with a few toys, with the head librarian who just returned from a 2 month visit to England. She was impressed with how much more talkative he is now than he was before she left. He was talking her ear off!

Last night, at Jim's encouragement, I finally ordered a bunch of cloth diapers for Julia. I've been wanting to try the bumGenius! one-size pocket dipes from Cotton Babies, and they're currently on sale. I was able to get some with the fleece lining (they're usually made of suedecloth, but they did one batch with fleece). The only color of those that was available was Twilight, but that's OK--not like they will normally be showing, anyway. I really hope we will like them, as it would be nice to not have to buy so many disposables anymore. I think we're on the verge of getting Sam potty-trained . . . maybe . . . so hopefully we won't have to buy diapers for him too much longer. Anyway, if we like the bumGenius! and decide to keep them, he can use them, too, as long as I have enough. :)

My mom was telling me today about the Turkey Feathers blog--you must check it out if you've never been there! I had so much fun looking at the pictures of the dollhouse bakery they made; it is so sweet (no pun intended!) ;) I only dream of being that creative!! I think I'll have to add this one to my list of favorite blogs.

I suppose I'd better quit gabbing and get busy. I just uploaded some new pics today; here's one of Julia that was taken on Sunday before church. By the time we got to church, this outfit had been well christened by a big-time blowout, so she ended up in a different one . . . but we'll try this one again another week. I was glad I took a picture of her before we left for church!

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