Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Countdown Challenge--Day 30

OK, I hope this isn't too confusing, calling it "Day 30" . . . but since it's a countDOWN, I figured we should do just that! :) Here's what I've done so far today to prepare for Christmas:

1. Helped Jim put up some icicle lights on our deck. I'm SO excited that we now have a good place to put up some lights outside!
2. Stashed a Christmas present in a secret place so someone won't find it (hopefully!).
3. Replaced a flowered area rug with a Christmas-y/wintery moose rug.

Anyone else, feel free to share your accomplishments in the comments!

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Mrs.T said...

Ok, here's what I've done so far -- I'm going to post a more detailed version on my own blog.

Last night, I did my grocery shopping and bought some ingredients for a couple of holiday gift foods. Yesterday I also went through my stash of Christmas fabrics and sorted out some to make some gifts from.

Today has been way too busy, but I listened to Christmas music all day and sipped on holiday teas as I worked at my desk.