Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Here are a few fun things I've accomplished in the past couple weeks:

First, I recycled some large baby wipes boxes and made some "bookcases" for Sam's room. :) He only has the one small wooden bookshelf, and all his other books were in messy-looking piles. Well, I happened to notice that we had several of these empty wipes boxes, so I went to work! I cut all the flaps off and then stood 2 on top of each other for the taller books and coloring books, and then put one horizontally under his wooden shelf, for storing medium-size books. Sure, it's not the most attractive shelving I've ever seen, but it solves a storage solution for now. :) Someday when we get the room finished, we plan to make some built-in bookshelves on either side of the window. In the meantime, these are working out nicely!

Here's my second project, a baby blanket that I made for our little nephew Darrin. I used a cute toile-patterned flannel on the front, and a soft, fluffy white fleece on the back, and finished the edges with white satin blanket binding. I would have liked to find a binding that would match the sort of beige toile, but Walmart didn't have anything close, so white was the best option. It went together quite fast and I was fairly happy with the way it turned out. It was a shower gift for my sister, and I sent it with my parents when they traveled west. Jo's shower was on Monday night, so I know I am safe in posting this since she's opened it now. :)


Tracy said...

Beautiful job on the blanket. I'm sure Joanna and Darrin will love it. Creative idea with the baby wipe boxes. I did a similar thing in Kara's room with milk crates.

Thank you for your prayers. We really appreciate it.

Dawn Marie said...

That afghan is rally are really talented at what you do.
I also like the book shelve idea!!!! That is so neat! I am going to remember that when I have little ones cuz it's alot cheaper and economical. ;-)

zan said...

I think and I have a lot of the smae things going on when it comes to the home repairs. We have all these plans on what we are going to build. Who knows when they will actually come to be. It is hard to live in a house that is constantly under construction. : (

Carrie said...

Thank you ladies for the compliments on my projects! I had fun with them. :)

Zan, it is definitely challenging to live in a house under construction! I try to remember to count my blessings, though, as we formerly lived in a tiny 10x50' trailer. So the large amount of space we have now, makes up for the unfinished aspects of the house. :)