Sunday, August 14, 2005

Moving-In Weekend :)

We spent this weekend moving and settling into our new home! There is still a lot of finishing work to do in the house, but it is very livable. I love the way it is starting to feel so homey as we bring all our "stuff" in and find places for it. The kitchen is the most challenging area, because I don't have actual cabinets yet. However, God provided some great alternatives for me last weekend! We had gone to a local furniture store's annual tent sale, just to see if they might have anything worth getting. Most of the furniture was too pricey for us, even on sale . . . but then we spotted 3 matching hutch tops. They are cherry, very handsome, and all three together cost $100! We couldn't believe they were so cheap. They are a little dinged up in places, but they still look so nice. Jim stacked one on top of another to create a very nice cabinet in our entryway, and I have dishes, cereals, vitamins, and some cookbooks stored in it. The other one is temporarily in Sam's room, but I think we will move it to the living room or kitchen eventually. Right now all we have stored in it is videos and DVDs.

The house is still a bit disorganized, as we work on settling in, but we are loving living here so far. It's so spacious (2.5 times the size of our trailer!), and I feel like I'm living in a palace! :) I'm also very much enjoying being able to do laundry in my own washer and dryer, and have already tried out my new dishwasher and gas stove! I love them both!

Sam didn't sleep all that well the first night (Friday), but he did much better last night. We are sleeping great in our new room, too. It's wonderful to wake up to the peace and quiet and the lovely view of trees out the window.

Well, I would love to babble on and on, but I need to go put some more things away and get ready for bed. Hopefully I'll have more time for blogging throughout the week ahead, between working on things here and moving the last loads from the trailer! Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

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