Monday, August 29, 2005

Haircut and Other Happenings

Well, it's been another busy week and weekend! Here are a few of the highlights:

Sam's Haircut

Wednesday night, Jim cut Sam's hair for the first time. Suddenly my "baby" looks like more of a big boy! He did really well holding still and not being too scared of the clippers. Here's a picture of the big event:
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On Thursday night, we attended a birthday party for Sam's little friend, Beka, who was turning one. Then on Friday, Sam and I got together with some other ladies, including little Beka again, for lunch. Poor Sam is hugely outnumbered at these gatherings, but at least he has a person close to his age to play with! I enjoyed having a good conversation about homeschooling with my dear friend Mrs. N, a veteran homeschooling mom. It's so nice to have friends to ask questions of, and bounce ideas off!

The Weekend

On Saturday, we did a little shopping in the morning. JoAnn Fabrics was having a 13-hour sale, and I was able to buy some Simplicity patterns that were .99/each. Mostly for curtains, but I did get a skirt pattern, as well. I love hitting those sales! Then we stopped by the outlet mall so we could pick up our free $10 gift card that we had received an offer for in the mail. Next, we headed over to North Sutton, to attend the Farm Days events at Muster Field Farm. On the way, we stopped off at this nice little covered bridge to eat our picnic lunch. They had a picnic table right on the bridge (it's not used for traffic) and it was a nice place to relax.
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After eating, we continued on our way. We had never been to Muster Field Farm before, but it is now on our list of sites to revisit! It is an old farmstead, with a house, several barns, ice house, blacksmith shop, schoolhouse, sawmill, and gardens. Many of the buildings were moved there from other places, but all are historic. Unfortunately we got there just as things were winding down, but earlier in the day they had had demonstrations of old-fashioned work, etc. There were many volunteers dressed up in colonial costumes, and two of them were playing a fife and drum, which was fun to watch. We will plan to go back next year, for sure! We really enjoyed looking around and hopefully next year we can get in on more of the activities. Here's a picture of Sam in one of the antique cars they had there:
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After leaving the farm, we drove over to Jim's most recent job so he could show me around. He's working on fixing up an old barn for some summer residents. The guy collects International tractors and part of what Jim is doing is making a little workshop area in his barn where he can fix them up. He has one really nice restored Farmall--we couldn't resist taking pictures of Sam "driving" it. :)
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As you can see, he thought he was pretty big stuff!

Sunday was church, and resting up some in the afternoon, as well as getting things a little more organized in the kitchen. That brings me up to today! I did a few chores that we have procrastinated on, including canceling our phone service at the trailer, and also our propane service, and setting up our propane service here. Also I officially changed our address, and we have our mailbox in place now, so for all of you who know us, please use our new address from now on! Email us if you don't know what it is. :) Sorry it has taken a while to get that in place; I know some have been wondering which one to use. Later on, I moved some more stuff from the trailer (it seems a neverending process!) and right now I'm waiting for the pork chops to finish cooking so we can have supper. :) I have more on my mind, but I'll have to save it for later, as right now I need to set the table and call my guys up from the garage. Hope everyone has had as nice a weekend as we did!


Mindee said...

I love the pictures! Sam looks like he did great getting his haircut. It is so handsome!

Carrie said...

Thanks! I think he looks handsome, too. :) I hope Pickle #1's first day of school went well!! :D