Monday, July 25, 2005

A little update

We had a really nice weekend, although busy. Jim had rented a little Bobcat excavator for a project he was working on for someone else, so he was busy with that all day on Saturday. So we didn't get anything new done at our house over the weekend, but that's OK. I actually was thankful to have more time here at home on Saturday, trying to catch up on some things, getting our crockpot dinner ready for Sunday, and giving Sam an opportunity for his usual 2 naps of the day. In the evening, Sam and I went with my parents to the chapel service at a local campground where the owners are friends of ours. A drama team from BJU was doing their presentation at the service, which I was eager to see. It was very good! My parents had already seen it at church on Friday night, so Mom was able to help me out by taking Sam for a walk when he got antsy, giving me the opportunity to enjoy the drama without having to keep him entertained.

On Sunday, we heard two really great messages and I once again thoroughly enjoyed the ladies' Sunday school class. Another blessing is that Sam is finally adjusting to the nursery and the workers tell us that he plays happily, and that they all just love him and "want to eat him up!" He is always very excited when we come to pick him up, though! :) Sunday afternoon and evening, I was dealing with a bad headache that seemed to come and go. By the time we got out of evening church, it was really bad, to the point of making me feel sick all the way home. I asked Jim if he would mind taking care of Sam and getting him to bed when we got home, because I didn't think I was going to be able to. All I wanted to do was go straight to bed, which I did. I slept from around 8:30-10:30 pm, then woke up to find that Jim had made the pizza, fed Sam and put him to bed, washed the dishes, and was now on the phone with his mom. Don't I have a great hubby?! :) He is so sweet. By that time I was feeling a lot better; the headache was all gone, but I still felt super tired, so I headed back to bed. I slept well all night and feel just fine this morning. It's been a long time since I had a headache that bad; I hope it doesn't happen again any time soon!

Sam's newest word is "diesel," taught to him, of course, by his daddy. :) He really enjoys saying it, and usually seems to use it when he wants something. It's pretty funny. He still really loves all his books, and is having a lot of fun playing with his Mega-Bloks lately. He's getting good at stacking them, and will keep himself occupied with them for quite a while.

We have a busy week planned . . . Tomorrow, I'm heading to the beach with my mom and some friends, for a girls' day out. Then on Friday night we have plans at another beach with some other friends; we're planning to bring supper over and the daddies will join us when they get out of work. Also on Friday, our bedroom carpet will be installed. Sometime this week we need to have our Suburban looked at because we think a U-joint is going bad . . . Plus the usual errands, housekeeping, and I suppose eventually I need to think about packing some stuff for our move!

Well, I think I hear my little guy stirring in his crib, so I will sign off for now and check on him. I had a feeling he would be getting up soon! Hope everyone is well and having a wonderful week so far.

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Anonymous said...

I to was dealing with a bad headache this weekend to the point of beening sick and got some rest and then it was all better, it must be going around. :)