Monday, August 25, 2008

Living Room Challenge: Day 1

I've decided it's time for another housecleaning challenge! This week I'm tackling the living room. Here is my list of things to do in the living room this week, along with approximate time I think it will take to accomplish each job:

DUST: Pictures, walls, hutch, heater, TV, radio, tables, spoon rack, lamps woodstove (20-30 min.)
WASH WINDOWS (20 min.)
VACUUM (10 min.)
SPOT CLEAN RUG (5-10 min.)
MR CLEAN ERASER: table (pen marks from one of my little angels!) (5 min.)
WASH CURTAINS (with other laundry)
PUT AWAY BOOKS, ETC. (5-10 min.)

and a bonus challenge, if I have time: ORGANIZE INSIDE HUTCH (30-45 min.)

Adding it all up, if I guesstimated right on the time it will take, I only have a couple hours or so of work to do (excluding the inside of the hutch). Obviously I won't tackle everything in one day, but spread it out over the week. And I'll hope that Josiah takes some good naps!

In the interest of keeping it real (and embarrassing), here are some pictures of how the living room looked this morning (and this was before Julia dumped a bunch more toys on the floor!):

I'm hoping to have time later today to put up another post or two. I have a really neat Works of God testimony that I am wanting to share! But for now, I am off to tackle some of these jobs. Because Josiah just went down for a nap! :)

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Mrs.T said...

I've decided to join in on the living room challenge. My l.r. looks okay on the surface (all but the bookshelves) but the storage areas need work -- lots of work! So here's what I'm planning:

* Straighten, dust, and declutter 6 shelves of books (1 hour)

* Declutter 3 storage shelves in bookcase cupboard (45 minutes)

* Reorganize cross-stitch books and materials (30 minutes)

* Declutter a storage basket (15 minutes)

* Declutter a storage chest (45 minutes)

We'll see how well I do!