Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge for June 3rd

I was happy to see that Joyce of From This Side of the Pond has started up the Wednesday Hodgepodge posts, at least for a while!  I'm excited to join in as I have time...I feel like the question format helps get my blogging juices flowing again!  Here are this week's questions and answers:

1. What's something you could do today to feel more peaceful?

Pretty sure one of the best things I could do would be to stay off social media for a while!  Even Instagram has been feeling "heavy" lately. 

2. June 2nd is National Rotisserie Chicken day. Who knew? Are you a fan of rotisserie chicken? You've purchased one at your local market for tonite's dinner. Will you serve as is or make something else using the chicken?

I do love rotisserie chicken, though I don't buy it very often.  I think the last time we got one was not long before Ari was born, actually!  At this point with my kids being older (eating more!) I would probably make something else using the chicken, because one chicken would not feed all of us, as-is.  My family loves chicken-and-cheese sandwiches on homemade buns, so I would probably make those.  Or use storebought buns if I was short on time.

3. I read a list recently (go here to read more) of 20 of the most beautiful places in America. How many of these have you seen up close and in person? Of the sites on this list that you haven't seen, which would you most like to see?

Antelope Canyon Arizona, Kenai Fjords Alaska, White Mountains New Hampshire, Crater Lake Oregon, The Palouse Washington and Idaho, Grand Prismatic Spring Wyoming, Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge Oregon, Horsehoe Bend Arizona, Na Pali Coast Kauai Hawaii, Antelope Valley California, Lake Tahoe California, The Berkshires Massachussets, Maroon Bells Colorado, Angel Oak South Carolina, Acadia National Park Maine, Grand Teton National Park Wyoming, Turnip Rock Michigan, Central Park New York City, Niagara Falls New York, and Skagit Valley Tulip Fields Washington

Let's see...I've been to the White Mountains multiple times because we live nearby.  I agree they are one of the most beautiful places in America!  Pretty sure I have been to or through the Berkshires area in Mass, too, although not for an extended vacation or anything.  I visited Acadia National Park as a kid and hope to go back with my family in the not-too-distant future...and I've been to Niagara Falls.  Four out of twenty isn't too shabby.  Of the remaining sites on the list, Grand Teton National Park is probably top of my list, though I would also love to visit Crater Lake and some of the others.

4. What's one pretty spot you'd add to the list in question #3? Are there travel plans of any kind on your calendar right now? Does that make you happy, anxious, excited, sad, or relieved?

I'd add Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho, simply because that's one place we visited that I thought was amazingly beautiful in its own unique way!  These pictures are all from September 2018:

As far as travel plans for this summer...we don't have any at the moment.  I had hoped to take a little camping trip to Acadia this summer for a few days, or even somewhere closer to home, but not sure that will happen.  We have a lot to do around here with work on our house addition, so this summer will probably be a "staycation" for the most part!  We may take a week to go to Ohio in the fall to visit family, but we haven't decided yet.  I would say not having a trip planned makes me both a little happy and a little sad.  I love to go places and really want to take a few trips as a family before Sam is grown and in that way I'm a bit sad if we don't go somewhere this year.  On the other hand, planning a trip can be hard work and expensive, so it does make things simpler if we stay home.

5. Tell us one un-COVID related thing you're looking forward to in the month of June.

Getting together with friends more often!  We have missed them!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Speaking of beautiful's a panoramic picture that I think Josiah took when we hiked Mt. Cardigan here in NH back in April or May.   It was a beautiful day!  Aren't we blessed to have beauty around us everywhere? We just have to look for it.  And sometimes it's more obvious, like when we climb a mountain. 😊


Joyce said...

Thanks for joining the Hodgepodge today! I have traveled a lot and have been to Acadia. I think it's one of the prettiest places in the world. We went one September and that was a great month weather wise to be in Maine. Social media has been too much for me lately. If I didn't link my blog on Facebook and know that's how a lot of my friends like to access it, I would probably step away from Facebook. My feed is so full of scoldings, lectures, political posturing, and ads. Ugh. I try to comment on anything positive anyone posts-babies, food, birthdays, etc in the hopes of seeing more of that. Stay well!

Tiny Toadstool Cottage said...

I have definitely been keeping away from too much TV news and social media at the moment. I would rather read it. I hope you get to enjoy some time away. Although I do enjoy a staycation and just doing day trips.

Mrs.T said...

Such a fun post!! I loved reliving part of the Western trip.

So glad you jumped into the Hodgepodge this week!

Carrie said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies! I really enjoyed joining in this week's Hodgepodge. :)